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Please read the job descriptions below, and click the link to fill out the Google Form so we know what part of the Haunted House you are interested in participating in. The form also allows you to fill in your availability (NOTE you may go back and change your availability at any time)

Concessions Volunteers: Volunteers will assist with concessions for guests, and meal prep for actors. (Volunteers must have a valid Washington State food handlers card, you can take the class and get the permit for $10, valid for 2 years. Visit: to test for the card)

Grounds Activities Volunteers: Volunteers would help run games/ activities for guests who are waiting.

Line Greeter:  Greeters will greet groups waiting to go into the intro tent. They will be responsible for texting the next group when they are on deck.

Ticket Booth (Interview Required): Ticketer will check in guests. Process payments and assign line numbers to the guests. Check waivers have been filled out for all guests.

Security (Interview Required): Security will watch the grounds of Haunted House and check for suspicious activity. 1 security volunteer will be assigned to the bus to watch for suspicious/ reckless behavior

Parking: Volunteers will help guide guests to parking spots and help control traffic in the parking area

Actors: Actors will be required to purchase base costume items for their character. Complicated costume pieces can be provided or reimbursed. Actors will only have shifts in the Haunted House of 2 hours. After 2 hours they will be assigned to a new area. Actors who cannot volunteer during the event night after their allotted acting time will be required to assist in other areas of the Haunted House during off hours. 

Stage Manager (Interview Required): Stage Managers must be present in the Haunted House during hours of operations at all times. They keep actors on task, move within the Haunted House and make sure the guest groups are moving through at a decent pace. Communicate with the Line Greeter if there are any slowdowns or problems with groups moving through. Warn and dismiss any individuals reacting violently towards actors (somebody hitting and kicking excessively, this is rare). Spot fix sections of wall that may come loose during the night. Watch the health and wellbeing of the actors, send out any actor who may be sick or overtaxed. Keep actors on their rotation in the Haunted House. (Individuals with First Aid certs are preferred for Stage Managers)

Set Designer: Volunteers will participate in decorating sections of the Haunted House. Designers will be given instructions of what the section is supposed to look like and will be allowed to use their creativity to make that vision come to life.

Clean-Up Crew: Volunteers will help with packing away Haunted House each night assessing and repairing damage. And assist with cleanup of the Haunted House after the event is finished.

Make-Up Crew: Volunteers will do make-up for actors in the Haunted House. (make-up artists for shift 1 must be able to come early). Make-up artists who are new or inexperienced with theatre make-up will be trained. 


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