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To prepare:

  • Actor’s/ Volunteers must have their Code of Conduct signed and submitted

  • Volunteers must have their Waiver’s signed and turned in. (Volunteers under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian sign the waiver on page 3)

  • OPTIONAL: Volunteers/ Actors who would like to have food provided for them while at the Haunted House, may turn in $5.00 with their applications and waivers (this $5 is only due once and will cover the duration of the Haunted House) Those who do not turn in the $5 are encouraged to bring their own food during their volunteer hours. 

What to expect and what will be expected:

  •  All volunteers are expected to follow the Code of Conduct at all times

  • “Actors” will all be required to have their character assigned. More details on costuming will be provided as funding differs from character to character.

  • No one is just an Actor this year. Actor’s will be required to devote 10 hours of service outside of their scheduled acting time.

  • Actors/ Volunteers are responsible for advising the director and the make-up lead of any allergies regarding makeup (ex. Red color dye, latex, etc)

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