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Meet The Team


Jacquelyn Murray

Director of Operations

“Who me? Boss lady? If you insist… What do you mean don’t push this big red button? Who designed this!? What do you mean it was me?”


MaryVan Pham

PR & Volunteer Coordinator

“Someone has to keep these clowns in line! So.. Can I have the Ringmaster title now? WHERE’S MY POPCORN? ”


Dr. Brian Murray

Grounds Coordinator

“Somebody left the lid off the radioactive waste? …It wasn't me, it was my evil twin!” *slinks away to Manager hidey hole*


Adam Murray

Finance Lead

“Embezzlement here is really hard! Also! Coffins… are just maracas during earthquakes. P.S.. send tips to my venmo @poorfinanceboi”


My-Lan Rohbock

Social Media Manager

“OMG, like, I totally gotta get a pic of this clown! Lol, this makeup IS SO REALISTIC! …Why is he looking at me like that? AHHH HE’S GOT MY ANKLE!!!"


Jonathan Finch (JD)

Website & Technology

“Do you know what an

ID-10-T error is?”


Faith Yeakley

Lead Stage Manager

"I don't know man... I just work here..."


Troy Espinoza

Construction & Safety

*holds piece of paper* “Who needs instructions anyways…” *throws away paper* “...Wait… where’d this part come from?”

darby kikuchi.jpg

Darby Kikuchi

Graphic Design Artist

“Wait… why can’t we drink the paint water? I drink the paint water… Unfortunately…”


Benjamin Ames

Parking & Security

"SiR! YoU'vE PaRkEd yOuRsElF iN ThE MiDdLe oF tHe RoAd! MoVe YouRsELf!"


Ellie Kikuchi

Volunteer Coordinator

“As a volunteer coordinator… My job is to tell people where to go. I was born for this!”


Aliyah Espinoza

Parade Coordinator

“Why is everyone dragging their feet today? You’re only dancing in hazmat suits in 88 degree weather…pffft…amateurs”

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